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Member Reports


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Hello, I welcome you to Member's Reports.  This part of the e-zine is for all the reports that I receive by email, reports can be anything from personal experiences with pigs, to surveillance reports done by members.  If you wish to read visitor comments or leave comments of the site please don't email me, use the guestbook for this reason, as I read both daily, but my email box fills fast and some reports can't get through to me, I set up a guest book for visitor and member comments so please use that.

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One of my bad experiences with pigs,  was when I first bought my car.  I was out driving, and let me explain that our roads up here are real bad, the cityies and townships try to fix them but usually make them worse!  My car is lowered, (see car pics) so doing the speed limit, is hard sometimes let alone speeding, and the speed on the country road I was on was 60 km/h just as I was approaching a drive way lined with hedges a Staffordshire Terrior ran out right into my path I hit the brakes but it was already to late, as my car  has only about a  4" clearing, the poor dog snapped her neck as she was pushed up the road till my tires caught her and drove over her. I was pissed to say the least, I am an avid lover of dogs (animals) and this tore my heart out, and I looked at the owner and wanted to do the same to him, luckily my boyfriend was there and he stopped us from anything physical, I went home and called the cops, They would not do a damn thing! The pig said that there was not enough damage to bother filling out the report! ( in our area that means the damage in his eyes was less then $500.00) Well since this happened on a sunday I had to wait till monday to get a quote for insurance, the owner of the dog relized his responsibility and offered to pay my deductable (real noble, you don't see that everyday) It turned out, I had $1800.00 dollars in damage, and sure enough, I did not get the same officer back, to make the report up, they knew I ment business and sent some real nice female police officers over and they did their job the first time.