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Southern Ontario

United States

Sorry no reports for this area yet, please email me if you know of any, then I can update this area for you

HOT Radar Spots


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You've seen them!  Hidding behind bushes, or parked beside buildings, tucked up in driveways, peeking their radar guns around curves in the road,  do you know of routine areas that the police use for radar traps, well email me at  and then I can list the radar traps for your area.

Northern Ontario

North Bay

Corbeil - right at Corbeil Corners  where Hwy 17E intersects Hwy 94 in the empty lot across from the store, sometimes they even use unmarked chevy luminas!
North Bay - on Trout Lake Rd, in Average Joes parking lot right beside the MTO parking lot
               -on the side road off Hwy 17E across from Stockfish Ford and sometimes in front of Stockfish Ford


British Columbia

Sorry no radar traps have been reported for this area yet, if you know of any, please email me, and let me know so I can update this area for you

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