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Mission Statement-

We at No-Pigs, are united as one for only this reason, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE POLICE INCOMPETENCE! 

I just wanted to start by saying this, AND I CAN'T STRESS IT ENOUGH,   I am not here to bash police, and I am definetly not anti-cop, and I certainly believe we need them here for  our protection, and I hope that all my members feel the same way, but I have met alot of idiot cops, that were on power trips, did not want to go through paper work so they let the perps go, lazy cops that just don't want to do more than they have too!  I MEAN NO DISRESPECT to any of the good police/cops out there, that are doing their jobs not for the money but to make a difference, and they do it well, when I use the term PIGS it is to discribe the other police officers that don't do there job and are working as cops for other personal reasons

Whenever I had required the help of the police, 90% of the time they were no help at all, I have been disrespected by the police for my whole life and I have met many people that have had the same experiences.  We are tired of being picked on, and watching more dangerous people walk away, seemingly unnoticed (see members reports for this stories)

I think that there are way to many people out there that would love to be a good honest hard working cop, but these PIGS  are still working, making good money for nothing, and it is time for a change.  We pay their wages, We are the ones they protect, And we are the ones that have to put a stop to this.  We will make a difference, the more memebers we have the louder the voice, so join if you feel the same way and end your frustration to.  It at least makes you feel like your contributing to something worthwhile, and it lets you VENT in a more appropriate way with less damage to your things or someone else's property. 

I would like to add before closing that if anybody has a real hero story that they have of a police officer or any experiences that has happened where an officer has gone beyond the call of duty, please let me know, as this e-zine would not be complete without a positive side



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This article contributed by Karr54